About Me

Hi everybody, I’m Andrea!

I was born on April 18, 1982 in Milan. I live with my beautiful girlfriend Valentina, we meet each other on 1st August 2000 i'm still loving her like it was the first time! 

Our canid Wudy share our home and on November 14, 2012 a little gnome has joined the family, his name is Leonardo and definitely has changed our life. Every day we can notice he's discovering something new and it's simply amazing!

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I have a master degree in biology applied to research in biomedicine, my thesis project was related to silicon based nano particles, I had studied their biocompatibily for a possible future use as drug carriers. 

Later I dedicated myself to clinical research and now I’m working in the regulatory affairs department of a leading Contract Research Organization.

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I have always been a great observer of the wonders Nature gave us, I’m very curious and I want to discover and understand life forms around me.

I am fascinated by Insects and their tremendous variety of species, their sophisticated adaptations to live in every kind of environment it’s simply amazing.

I’m an amateur entomologist and I’m pleased to share with you my passion of insects  with my photos, because I’m an  amateur photographer too!

So enjoy my photo gallery, you’ll find pictures of Insects, of other animals, flowers and plants, landscapes and even humans!

I will frequently update the photo gallery so come back often to find new pictures!



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